Stenabolic (SR9009)

It’s fascinating to know what a compound originally created for understanding the applications of altering the circadian rhythm in mice, can do in humans.

We are talking about Stenabolic, a drug that is grouped and sold along with SARMS these days.

Stenabolic’s drug name is SR9009 and in a very short time, it has earned the moniker, ‘exercise in a bottle’.

That’s because it can increase endurance, burn fat, boost metabolism and provide a whole lot of other benefits on the side, even if you do not exercise.

Did that make you drool?

Think about what can be achieved with Stenabolic if you exercise and eat well.

What’s more is that it is not a SARM. And this makes it possible to stack it with any SARM, and even with anabolic steroids.

We have recently been reading a few posts that question the bioavailability of Stenabolic. So we thought that this would be the perfect time to add our two cents to this discussion.

History of SR9009

Stenabolic was created at the Scripps Research Institute in 2013 as they were researching a group of compounds called Rev-erb agonists.

These compounds can be used to trigger a variety of selective, positive actions in the human body.

SR9009 in particular, alters the circadian rhythm, which is the body’s in-built clock that regulates a wide range of functions.

By activating the Rev-Erb molecule, SR9009 is able to amplify the rate at which the body renews mitochondria. This molecule also happens to be extremely active in liver cells where it increases the metabolism of glucose and lipids without affecting insulin resistance.

To sum it up, your BMR increases, you burn more fat and you have a consistent flow of energy, all without exercising.

Stenabolic was being researched as a potential treatment for obesity as well as a safer alternative for exercise, in patients who have been restricted exercise due to conditions like congestive heart failure.

Clinical Studies

Stenabolic was first created in 2013 and the compound hasn’t made it to human trials yet.

All clinical studies have been in-vitro and animal based.

Here are a couple of them.

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Study 1:

What it says: Stenabolic helps reduce cholesterol levels, increases oxidation of lipids and glucose in skeletal muscle and reduces triglycerides.

Study 2:

What it says: This is a more recent study conducted in 2018 that reveals that SR9009 may help kill cancer cells as effectively as chemotherapy, without affecting the viability of other cells.

Stenabolic Benefits

What can the famed ‘exercise in a botte’ do for you?

Let’s find out.

Weight Loss:

Stenabolic might be one of the safest and most effective weight loss compounds in the world. In a 7-day study conducted on mice, Stenabolic not only reduced the amount of free fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerides, it also stopped the mice from gaining weight even when they weren’t making any dietary changes or exercising.


Stenabolic helps reduce the levels of LDL and triglycerides, two of the most important values that get trashed when one uses anabolic steroids. This means that along with a cholesterol-friendly diet and cardio, adding Stenabolic to your oral steroid cycle might help limit the damage that the steroids do to your lipids.


Stenabolic increased the exercise capability, or endurance almost 50-times in mice. Think about what it can do to an athlete, a long distance runner or a cyclist. You will be able to cover much longer distances without getting worn out. If you are looking to improve your cardio for fat loss, then Stenabolic allows you to maximize your heart rate and maintain it for a longer time frame.


The increased lipid and glucose metabolism translates into a consistent flow of energy all day. Unlike ECA stacks, you don’t get the high followed by the dramatic crash. You feel energized and focused all day.


Stenabolic helps to maintain and synchronize the circadian rhythm or the biological clock. This can be extremely beneficial for people who travel frequently, as it will help them stay awake and energized even with jet lag. For normal athletes, it may help improve the quality of sleep.

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SR9009 Side effects

Stenabolic is a non-hormonal compound that does not show any side effects at recommended doses.

It is not liver toxic. Nor does it negatively affect the functioning of any organ.

The only possible downside is that you may feel sleepless if you take it a few hours before bedtime.

An easy way to counter this is to take your last dose at least 8-10 hours before you hit the sack. It has a very short half-life of about 4-hours. So, you should be able to sleep like a rock.

Dosage of Stenabolic

The ideal SR9009 dosage is debated. And since there are no human studies, you have to go by the anecdotal reviews.

20mg/ED seems to be the sweet spot that most people agree on.

Given the short half-life, it would be a good idea to split this into two or three, evenly-timed doses throughout the day.

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SR9009 Stacks

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to stacking Stenabolic because it is a weight loss and endurance compound that also improves overall wellbeing.

Possible Bulking Stack:

LGD-4033 at 5mg/ED, RAD140 at 20mg/ED and Stenabolic at 20mg/ED. You should be able to gain lean muscle, lose fat and increase your endurance at the same time. Any lipid related sides will be countered due to the Stenabolic.

Fat Loss Stack:

SR9009 at 20mg/ED with Andarine at 25-50mg/ED. This is a perfect cutting and endurance stack.

Steroid users Stack:

20mg/ED during cycle with your orals and with injectable steroids like Deca Durabolin and Tren. You can use it during PCT as well as it is non-hormonal and will keep you energized.

What about the bio-availability?

Well, we aren’t sure. That’s the truth.

If anecdotal reviews are to go by, it has excellent bioavailability and it kicks in fast, unlike SARMS.

But, as always, there are naysayers who cite an email by Professor Thomas Scripps in which he states that Stenabolic has zero bioavailability. We have reasons to doubt the motive behind that statement. It might just be to deter people from doping with SR9009.

There are rumors that an injectable version might have better bioavailability and this has led to people injecting self-cooked solutions. But we wouldn’t recommend it one bit.

Stick to a tried and tested delivery model (liquids or capsules) as opposed to something that might trigger unexpected side effects.

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