N2Generate (HCGenerate)

Will it shut you down? Or wont it?

How bad will the suppression be?

Does it require a PCT? Will your endogenous hormone levels return to baseline on its own in a few weeks?

These are some of the doubts that SARMS users are facing these days.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear evidence of how these compounds affect you.

All you have are anecdotal reviews which can be taken with a pinch of salt unless its accompanied with bloodwork and detailed logs.

What is clear though is that SARMS are suppressive. Some of them are very, very suppressive.

And some can shut you down entirely, like S-23 for example.

What’s the solution? Should you run SARMS with a TRT dose of testosterone to mitigate the side effects?

That defeats the purpose of using these drugs in place of anabolics then.

Should you run Clomid to stimulate your test production during a SARMS cycle? That will crash your E2 levels so bad that you will be struggling to workout.

What you need is a reliable test booster that’s proven to work, like N2Generate.

What is N2Generate?

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N2Generate is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that was created by Need2build Muscle, one of the oldest brands in the business that is credited with being the only company run by former gear users.

They have a range of products that are aimed specifically at anabolic steroid users.

HCGenerate contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs that stimulate the body’s endogenous testosterone production even when SARMS are mimicking testosterone or when you are using exogenous androgens.

So, it helps prevent testicular atrophy, keeps your testes functioning and helps normalize your libido during cycles.

It can also be used as an adjunct during your PCT protocol as it helps the body bounce back sooner from a harsh steroid cycle.

How does it work?

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Most users, including us, had this very question when we first heard of N2Generate. That’s because we absolutely hate testosterone boosters.

None of them work. Most of them only table dress their ingredients. They use juiced up guys on the labels to advertise their product, misleading gullible consumers.

So, we had every reason to hate it before we even used it.

But after we spoke to the guys behind it, we were convinced to give this a shot. And we weren’t disappointed one bit.

This is a legitimate, science backed, natural testosterone booster folks.

And it’s not just empty claims or a secret ‘proprietary’ blend either.

All the ingredients are clinically proven to increase testosterone production.

Don’t believe us?  Here you go.

#1 – It contains 7mg of Zinc

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Zinc is one of the only minerals that has been proven to increase the levels of total and free testosterone in the blood.

And as surprising as it sounds, it is one of the minerals that most people are deficient in.

Let’s look at some of the common dietary sources of Zinc.

There’s oysters, beef, crab, pork, beans, yoghurt and nuts. That might seem like things you consume every day. But to get enough zinc from these sources, you’d have to eat copious amounts of each one for months.

Moreover, your body cannot store zinc and it has to be consumed every single day. That’s why it is easier to get your zinc from dietary supplements like N2Generate.

With 7mg of Zinc in each serving, it gives you 45% of your daily RDA. And you can double your dose to reach 90% of the RDA during a SARMS cycle.  You should easily be able to get the rest from your diet.




#2 – It contains 1000mg of Fadogia agrestis

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 Fadogia agrestis is believed by many experts to be one of the most exciting new discoveries for the treatment of hypogonadism and diminished testicular function.

This herb that was used for decades in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac was clinically tested in animal models with exceptionally positive results.

Not only did supplementation with Fadogia increase serum testosterone levels, it also boosted libido and testes-body weight ratio.

In a steroid cycle, it can boost your libido and minimize testicular atrophy.




#3 – It contains 1000mg of Fenugreek extracts

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Multiple clinical studies have proven that at just 500mg/day, Fenugreek can increase testosterone levels by as much as 46%.

That’s not all. It also increases libido, sperm count, energy levels and elevates your mood making you feel great even when you are suppressed.

An added benefit is that the participants in these clinical studies got stronger and had reduced body fat levels.

That’s telltale signs of increased testosterone for you.

N2Generate contains a whopping 1000mg of Fenugreek in just one serving. If this cannot boost your serum testosterone levels during a SARMS cycle, then nothing can.





#4 – It contains 500mg of Stinging Nettle Extract

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Stinging nettle might be known commonly as the plant with ‘leaves that sting’.

But this perennial herb is very effective in reducing the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

There are multiple clinical studies that have proven the detrimental effects of anabolic androgens on the prostate gland.




The Stinging nettle extract in N2Generate prevents prostate enlargement in short term cycles and may help ease the urinary symptoms of BPH.


While this may not have a direct implication on your testosterone levels, a healthy prostate is critical to your overall wellbeing.

More so when you are using powerful androgenic hormones.

#5 – It contains 100mg of Tongkat Ali

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Tongkat Ali or Malaysian Ginseng has for long been a part of folk medicine as a treatment for male infertility and as an aphrodisiac.

However, in the west, we’ve been quick to trash it as a gimmick, just like we trash any herbal remedy that shows an iota of promise. 

Well, clinical studies recently proved what was always believed by traditional healers.

Tongkat Ali extracts not only help in boosting testosterone levels, they also help in reducing the levels of serum cortisol, which is a glucocorticoid hormone associated with catabolism.

Within just 4 weeks, subjects using Tongkat Ali increased their serum testosterone levels by 37% while reducing cortisol by up to 16%.



Closing thoughts

Other than these science-backed ingredients, N2Generate also contains 500mg of Bulgarian Tribulus, nettle root extracts and Vitamin E.

N2Generate Review
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  • Enhance Libido
  • Increase Energy
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