Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677)

Whether it be growth hormone, an insulin such as Growth Factor 1, or even testosterone, it  is a widely known fact that the human body is very soundly endowed every necessary hormone that is required in order to attain a super human physique.

The limitation however is that the hormones are not produced in the needed amount required for building and further sustaining bulky muscles.

Testosterone builders were thus created in order to help boost the process of testosterone production carried out in the body.

At a point in time, there were several testosterone enhancement drugs which were rampant in various stores and even forums online. However, athletes were able to realize after a short period of time that this was all a glorified hype. Several years passed and yet none of the drugs proved to be of adequate standard.

All this paved way in earnest for the production of MK-677.

Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677) for sale

What Is Ibutamoren  (MK-677)?

This unique investigational drug was introduced into the spotlight more than 15 years from when it was first studied as a safer, more natural alternative to therapies involving hormone replacement in children and adults alike who suffered from various hormonal deficiencies.

There has been several changes that have occurred since then.

Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677) cycle

Ibutamoren (MK-677) is now more readily and somewhat easily available than it has ever been in previous years.

After countless clinical studies were conducted, Ibutamoren was found to have been able to successfully increase the amount of growth hormone produced naturally by the body.

This article has tried to supply as much information about Ibutamoren as possible.


Ibutamoren  (MK- 677) has a half life of approximately 24 hours.

Going by this figure, it means that a user can take the daily dose once a day.

It has however been observed that taking just a single dose can lead to a spike in the user’s growth hormone levels.

This can be mostly then followed by feelings of tiredness.

This effect can however be avoided by splitting the dose into two times a day or taking the daily dose once before going to sleep.

This will ensure that the user sleeps like a sound healthy baby. It also helps to ensure that the user’s day time productivity will remain unaffected.

You can start the dose of Ibutamoren at 20- 25 mg/day and then the cycle can be continued for 12 weeks.

However, some users may start with 15 mg/day and then  decide to extend the cycle for months on end without any noticeably significant side effects. Also, this doesn’t have effects on the pituitary gland.

For professional body builders coming off- cycle, then the dose can be extended to 50 mg/day and at a 8 week cycle.

Potential Uses Of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren Nutrobal (MK-677) results before and after

The reason why growth hormones are popularly referred to as ‘the fountain of youth’ is because of its awesome ability to transform one’s body.

MK-677 is actually the best known alternative for an exogenous test.

Some of the uses/benefits to be expected from using Ibutamoren  (MK-677) include;

1. Loss Of Fat

It is a popularly known fact that growth hormones that can help with fat loss and muscle building simultaneously. Interestingly, it performs almost like a miracle potion and allows a user harness the most part of it in a uniquely natural fashion/state. If has been discovered that upon using Ibutamoren MK-677, the user will be able to lose both subcutaneous and visceral fat. This is one of the several reasons why it is so commonly used for body Recomposition programs.

2. Muscle Mass

Ibutamoren  (MK-677) can successfully promote the growth of new muscle cells in two broad ways. Firstly, it will signal the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone. In turn, this then helps to stimulate the release of IGF- 1 in the liver. These hormones help to work in synergy in order to increase protein synthesis, enhance the recovery rate, and also improve nitrogen retention. Coupled with the workout routine and of course a proper diet, the user can be looking at some seriously impressive gains in 6- 8 weeks period. Averagely, most users tend to gain around 6- 8 Ibs. Of muscle while they are using Ibutamoren  (MK-677). Once diets and lifts can be sorted, this figure will actually be higher.

3. Hair And Skin

This is one of the several added on benefits of using Ibutamoren. The user begins to develop skin and hair that looks better. This is possible even with the smallest dose of Ibutamoren.

4. Sleep

One of the most unique and useful innate ability of Ibutamoren  (MK-677) is to ensure the user gets a restful sleep. Ibutamoren is a very potent nootropic that possess some cognitive and neuro- protective benefits. All this helps to ultimately result in a noticeable improvement in the user’s overall well-being and health.

Side Effects Of Ibutamoren

The following side effects were reported by people who have used Ibutamoren  (MK- 677). They include;

  1. It might lead to muscle pain after usage. Several users complained about this.
  2. It was discovered that Ibutamoren led to an increase in appetite of users.
  3. It was also discovered in users of Ibutamoren that insulin sensitivity had reduced.
  4. It might cause a higher fasting blood glucose.
  5. It stands a very high risk of congestive heart failure in elderly patients.
  6. It was discovered that this drug increased blood pressure in elderly patients.
  7. Ibutamoren  (MK- 677) is not suitable for Th1 dominant individuals.
Ibutamoren Review
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gains
  • Anti-Aging & Better Skin
  • Better Sleep
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